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In just a few days, I will begin a new chapter in my life. Once again, I have been reflecting on the past year of my life. And oh, what an exciting 12 months it has been! I have remained active in various clubs, and even became a part of new ones.

I am excited to announce that I met most of my goals I set for myself last year. I go to the gym every morning at 6am to lift weights, ride a bike, and do laps. Thanks to my research on the Blue Zones, I am more conscious of what I eat. Jim even planted me a garden. I had a hair analysis done and found out I had trouble synthesizing meat - which is fine with me!

I am just finishing a contest called "Beat the Heat" where the residents compete by walking several miles a week and participate in aerobics classes, stretch and tone classes, along with cardio exercises. I am proud to say I finishing in the top 7!

I have been attending my meditation classes and sound baths, along with a new club called "Grateful."

I am also a member of the View Committee, which oversees the community's magazine. I contribute by publishing my own articles almost every month. My new book "I've Got Class -from college, to the classroom, and beyond" will be published in a few weeks.

Of course, now that the heat is on, I spend much time in the pool, soaking up the sun!

I have met so many interesting people this year, people who have inspired me to keep challenging myself. Jan is my partner in the gym, my cheerleader. Every morning we ride our bikes and encourage each other. Karen always has my back, helping me with my dietary concerns, and has so many resources on spirituality. MIa, my former coach and friend, gives me the opportunity to shine as her co-president of the Golden Seniors. And Lynda is always with me, encouraging me to do my best.

Jean, my publisher and dear friend took my manuscript and turned it into a masterpiece!

Yes, it has been a wonderful year, but now it is time to close this chapter and open a new one. So, what is next for me? A dear reader commented that I have been writing about how busy I am, and she was concerned about me not having enough quality time for myself. I did take her words seriously, and even though I look back at all that I have done, I realize it is time to do what my reader suggested - spend more time with myself.

I intend to step down as president of a couple of clubs, and to reorganize my time. So, my goals will be more meditation, reading, and journaling. I will still write articles for the View. As for another book? Now, that remains to be seen. Perhapes when my Muse pays me a visit, I will consider it.

Of course I intend to start my new chapter with gusto. I am not aging. I am thriving! I can hardly wat to fill the empty pages!

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