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Beginning my 73rd Chapter

I have been given a new leash on life. November 8, 2022, marks the fourth anniversary of the fire in Paradise in which my fiancé and myself literally lost everything. Since that time, we moved to Medford, Oregon where a hit-and-run drunk driver plowed into the home we had just moved into. Then we were evacuated because of the fire that ravaged Talent and parts of Ashland. I ended up in the hospital with pneumonia which almost cost me my life. I had to put my cat who had been my companion for 18 years down.

At the beginning of COVID, my mother had a heart attack. I traveled to British Columbia to be with her. She passed in March 2020.

We made the move to Indio, California in February 2021. I was having problems with my eyesight and when I had an MRI, I found out I had an aneurysm in my brain which was ready to burst. I had a coiling procedure to stop the bleeding. After the procedure, I continued to have vision problems, which caused me to fall and injure my arms.

Two weeks ago I was given a pair of eyeglasses with prisms, which made all the difference in the world. I see everything so clearly now, better than I have in years. I am getting therapy for my arms and my life is turning around.

I realize that many of you had similar setbacks and tragedies in your lives. I am far from being unique. We all have a choice as to how we will react to what is happening to us. Yes, what happened to me was devastating but I will not allow that to define me. I survived and I truly believe that it is my mission to do something with my life.

I am starting the seventy-third chapter of my life story. So far I have finished another book, joined groups here in my community, and created a website. Yeah!! But I realized as I went through my daily journals, I wasn't truly living my life. Of course, I had great intentions of accomplishing more but I always seemed to relapse.

So I decided to develop a positivity routine, one which helps me stay on track. I will be sharing with you the books I am reading that inspire me and the daily habits that keep me positive and optimistic.

Stay tuned for helpful hints to become the thriving person you were meant to be!

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