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For the past month, I have been quite ill, bedridden with the flu which did not want to leave me! I tried everything from hot tea, lemons, plenty of fluids, and of course, chicken soup. But nothing seemed to work. As I lay under the covers, I felt sorry for myself, missing out on my time at the gym and pool. But I had to remind myself that this situation was only temporary. "This too shall pass."

Oh, the joy of walking to the pool, noodle in hand, anticipating the coolness of the water, and doing my exercises. I rejoiced in the warm weather, the wind blowing on my face as I lifted my head up to the warm sun. I was so grateful to be well once again.

I was also grateful to see my other water friends in the pool. We chatted for a while, and after I did my water aerobics, I floated around in a leisurely manner on my noodle, eavesdropping on conversations. Ruthie was talking about her painful entries in her journal, which caused her to stop writing. Katherine explained that the past is gone, let it go. I was reminded of a quote from Wayne Dyer:

I discussed the importance of living in the present, and not letting our past define us. Who we were yesterday is not who we are today. As I drifted around other women, I became engaged in other topics such as lack of motivation regarding exercise.

I am known as the lady with the noodle in the pool, sharing my pearls of wisdom. I encouraged the ladies who I was counseling to join us in our informal sessions. We have our very own support group, helping each other through difficult times.

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