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Since I started this blog I reconnected with a group of five women who have retired within the past five years. They have shared with me with initial fears of facing each day without having a purpose. I have helped each one of them recognize that retirement is an opportunity to flourish. Twice a week for six months, we worked on a routine that proved highly successful.

I reminded the women that small steps taken each day eventually becomes long-term habits. We don't see the long-term results of the ocean crashing against the formidable rocks, but eventually, over time, those rocks begin to disintegrate. It is imperative that we don't get discouraged when we are taking baby steps.

How we approach each day is crucial to our well-being. First of all, we cannot change the weather; it is oblivious to our feelings. Recognize the changes and move on. I know this sounds silly, but I order my women to make their bed each morning. Research has proven that successful people all admitted that they made their beds each and every day.

Having a routine is another crucial component. Doing the same task at the same time every morning makes it easier for a routine to be established. I get up every morning at 5:30. I have a cup of herbal tea in my meditation room. Then I read the daily passage from my Stoic Journal. I begin my journaling: One journal where I write the events of the previous day, and another where I just ramble about my feelings. Then I meditate for 15 minutes.

I mentioned the importance of awareness in my previous blog. Throughout the day, we need to be aware of our feelings and thoughts. The second I have a negative thought, I immediately rephrase it into something positive. I use a bracelet (of course it has much bling on it!) and when I catch myself gossiping or saying something negative, I snap the bracelet as a reminder to stop. I bought each of my ladies a similar bracelet.

I am excited to share that three other women have approached me with their feelings of discontent. They are on the beginnings of this wonderful journey, utilizing the steps I am outlining here. I will share with you their progress as we continue with this blog.

Be patient. Begin your routine and I will add more steps in my next blog. Until then, have a blessed day, and please respond with your own unique ways of thriving!

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