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I have been on several podcasts lately talking about how to thrive after retirement. How do I condense my ideas into a twenty-minute segment? I decided that I would come up with keywords that encompass thriving. These words are espoused by every thriving retiree I know.


COMPASSION: Each morning wake up and say, "How can I serve today?"

NATURE: Being at one with nature is essential.

GRATITUDE: For all that you have

MEDITATION: Keeps you balanced

RESILIENCE: The ability to recover quickly from difficulties

SMILE: Even when no one is watching

LAUGHTER: a key component to thrive

NUTRITION:: Keep your mental, physical, and spiritual health fed with the right foods and thoughts.

Keep your eye out for thrivers in your midst. You cannot miss them. They are not defined by their age or disabilities; they are learning new skills, and contributing to their community. In my writing club, there is one man in his eighties who is now writing poetry. I published my first book at the age of seventy. Maggie joins us every day in the pool to swim her fifteen laps. She is in a wheelchair but does not let her condition stop her from telling everyone she is one of the luckiest women alive.

Lynda Peace Davidson, seventy-five, sings at nursing homes three or four times a week. In her prime, she traveled around the world singing with all the country greats. Now she gives back by bringing joy to those who love music. She frolics with her grandchildren and attends all their plays and events.

Thrivers are everywhere, on the tennis courts, in the gym, and on committees to make a difference in their community. With age comes wisdom, wisdom that will help the next generation coming up through the ranks. We are role models for what it means to age.

Aggie Jordan is a thriver: At eighty-five, she just published a book about her memoirs. She is asking her followers to share their stories about thriving. She can be reached at

Please reach out to her or respond to my post so we can celebrate what it means to age.

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