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You are here in the present moment. You can actually point to and feel exactly where you are. Visual depictions of destination points surround you. But you have an intent, a specific destination in mind. Your past destinations do not drive this decision, They are not included on this map. Just the present and other choices for your future.

When you have a clear picture of your destination, you will be led straight to it. You are not distracted by your other options. In order to manifest a goal, you have to visualize it, describe it in detail, and feeling as though you already have it. The map depicts this, showing where you are now and where you want to be.

Your personal past does not belong in your decision making. From now on, you can only move forward. Having an understanding of where you are at the present moment will be your driving force. Do not get stuck where you are. Like the map in the mall, your map of where you want to be will lead you in the right directions. Visualize the various destinations and then zero in on the one that resonates with you.

I am here: I am retired and trying to get out of a rut. My map shows me various solutions: Joining a club, taking a class, spend my days shopping, etc. What is it that I really want to do? Feel physically fit, be at peace with my life. I visualize having a trainer to help me get started. I visualize sitting in a meditation class. I feel the inner peace that comes with this choice.

So, where are you? Do you have an inner map to guide you? Have fun creating and visualizing your destination!

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