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“Smoldering Embers of Paradise” is the sequel to “Phoenix Rising from the ashes.”  At the request of her readers, the author provides more insights into how to survive tragedy. The author realized that she had to lose everything to gain everything. Relying on her spiritual teachings, her books she had saved on her phone, she gained the strength to move from victimhood to being a thriving individual.  She interviewed several other victims of the fire, noting how stuck they were in not being able to overcome their grief and loss. She reminds them that while the Paradise Fire destroyed an entire town, it cannot be remembered as a fire that destroyed them


Untie the Not in Cannot

Through extensive interviews and a case study, the author examines out socialization and indoctrination into society and how we are domesticated to believe we cannot be all that we are meant to be.

Some of the key agents of socialization include family and especially the education system wherein teachers play a crucial role in influencing our youth. We need to chip away at these negative layers to discover the potential that is in each and every one of us. Now, more than ever, with most of us in isolation, we need to discover the Golden Buddha  inside of us.



“Stress is not what happens to us, it is how we respond that causes stress.” Response is a choice. The author did not choose to have a devasting fire destroy her home, causing her to lose everything, but she did choose how to respond to that tragedy.

On November 8, 2018, she was teaching school when she was told to evacuate immediately with the children. Walking through the falling ashes and smelling the smoke from the nearby fire, she left her car behind and boarded the school bus. For over ten hours, she , like the other residents of Paradise, California, tried to stay ahead of the fast moving flames. Her job was to protect the children, protecting them from the burning cars and frantic people trying to get away.

“Phoenix Rising From the ashes” is a powerful true story, stemming from the author’s journal entries. It is her personal journey from victim to thriver. After she learned she had lost everything in the fire, her home and her identity, she found an inner strength she never knew she had, she had to move forward. She had to survive. Facing numerous obstacles, she forged ahead, realizing that the person she was before the fire, is buried in those ashes. She was transformed by tragedy, arising like the true Phoenix, helping other victims, counseling them to move ahead with their lives.



It’s a true story and we learn important lessons when we have trials .

Reviewed in the United States on 18 November 2019

I love this book! Sometimes we have trials that we don’t know at the time will change our lives for the better! Terri learned to love life and realized the material things aren’t important. Her life is better then it was. Love this book.

Amazon Reviewer


Hopeful and filled a simple, but profound message

Great read to uplift & remind you to constantly “ rebuild” in the manner that matters most— inside yourself. Highly recommend

Amazon Reviewer

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