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MY PEN REMEMBERS: Picking up where my illness left off

I can't believe it has been over three months since I have been writing! Yesterday morning I woke up as if I had been in an ongoing coma. All my teachings about meditation and living a balance life went right out the window as I was on the fast moving treadmill of life right up to the New Year. I joined various clubs, taking on more responsibilities, telling myself I could handle them.

Well, of course, you know what happened!! By not taking care of myself I ended up with pneumonia, which plagued me for almost five weeks. Again, I did not listen to my inner voice telling me to be gentle with myself, to nurture myself. No, I beat myself up over having to miss my gym sesssions and daily wallks.

Ok, so I am human. This week I found myself back on track, only this time, pacing myself. My articles are being published in the View, our community magazione which is building up my morale, inspiring me to write more articles.

My book, "I"ve Got Class..." is in the final stages of editing, which is exciting. Now, I hear my father's words in my ear "OK, so what have you done lately?" He would always admonish me for sitting on my laurels, telling me to always be looking for the next big adventure in my life. I am fortunate in that I am on the committee that publishes the View, so I can read all the articles that are submitted by our community residents. I am truly inspired by their stories.

I am back in the gym and faithfully attending my meditation classes. I also am the vice president of a new club called The Golden Deniors Social Club. I help arrange events and lectures to stimulate others.

In November, these three men were honored for their service in the armed forces, one from World War Two, and the others from the Korean War. An amazin couple, Jerry and Jan bestowed the medals on these men. Jerry, using a walker, walks two miles every day in the gym. He calls himself and his wife the 'rock and rollers' as they go to vegas a few times each month to see their favorite musical groups including Boston, Journey, and Lady Gaga. By the way, Jerry is 88!

Another member of our groups just celebrated her 96th birthday. She was seen on the ballroom floor, dancing. She grabbed my fiance, Jim and the two of them began jiving.

I do have some irons in the fire - projects I would like to work on, including a book about the film industry, along with a philosphical book about the Stoics. But for now, I am just enjoying getting back into the swing of things.


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