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Sticking to a routine is not easy. Believe me, I have faltered so many times! But there is that voice inside of me that tells me I can't give up. I have to persevere. When I complain of my aches and pains, I have to remember that's all they are - aches and pains.

A dear friend of mine has suffered throughout most of her life, at one time she was bed-ridden for five years. She could have very easily given up, but she spent her time doing what she loved to do, painting and writing. Out of her ordeal came the book "From Suffering to Thriving" which is a book all of us need to have in our library. Kathy teaches us how to work through our pain, how to reframe our lives.

As she gained some of her mobility back, she continues to counsel others. She is a Reiki specialist and a Sound Therapy Counselor. Her work has helped a countless number of people.

Last night I attended a musical at Mount San Jacinto College, one which her husband had written. Kathy looked radiant in a multi-colored dress, boots, and accessories to accent her beautiful long hair. I felt privileged to be in her presences as there was an aura of peace and joy around her.

Kathy is an inspiration to us all: Of course we are going to be discouraged when we don't reach our goals, or when we are so miserable we just want to stay in bed all day. Oh yes, I have had many of those days. Now I think about Kathy, and if I am hurting I do the body scan. Okay, my shoulder hurts but 98% of my body is in great condition. I can deal with the shoulder pain.

So remember, you will have those days where you wonder if its all worth it to keep at your routine but please think of Kathy's messages to us and get back in the game. Today I am meeting on Zoom with a group of courageous women who, like Kathy, have endured pain and suffering, but came out the other side, vibrant and passionate about creating art in all forms to express our life experiences.

I wish you nothing but joy in your life!

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